Government asks Law Commission to look at trolling laws

Cyber bullying needs to be stopped.

It has led to the death of many Persons,including Teenagers, who have been trolled on Facebook,Twitter, and bullied at School,and have felt that life was not living.

Something desperately needs doing, but for Persons like Kate and Gerry McCann, who chose to leave their Twins and Madeleine on their own in a Hotel Room, which resulted in her going missing, freedom of speech should still be allowed, without the fear of being sued.

Many Negative comments have been displayed about Gerry and Kate, including Myself, who still state that they should be made accountable for their neglect, of leaving 3 young Children in a Hotel while going to Lunch with their Friends, leading to the disappearance of Madeleine.

This is my Freedom of speech, i have not stated anything else, others have stated they think that they feel that Madeleine Parents were responsible for her demise,as in her murder, that is a definite NO NO in my eyes.

The worry is that the suing culture could interfere with the basic Freedom of Speech.

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