Hoarding and mental capacity: key points for social workers


Hoarding causes many problems, a Friend of mine who i have known for over 25 years, took to hoarding after she had suffered domestic violence and after post divorce.

Before these issues started she was a normal hardworking Mother with two small Children.

I cannot really mention much more due to our confidentiality clause.

Social Services have become involved after she suffered more domestic violence, the Social Worker visited on several occasions and told my friend that her hoarding was causing a fire hazard.

She has full mental capacity,and all Persons are deemed to have full mental capacity, until diagnosed,

Service users under the Social Care act of 2014, are allowed to make their own decisions, and these include unwise decisions.

Until My Friend admits that she has got problems, and seeks help there is nothing that can be done.

She remains very depressed which makes matters worse, low mood, she will not even contemplate housework let alone getting rid of the clutter, risking a fire hazard.

I have offered assistance to help clear the house, there is nothing more anybody can do.

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