Judge gives guidance on care cases where parent has learning disability


The Family Court Judge involved in this case, has given guidance on future care cases, with regards to parents who have learning disabilities.

In this case a 17 month old baby should be a subject of Care Proceedings, because of the his parents inability to care for him.

The Local Authority wanted a full care, pending to an adoption order.

With regards to this case, the Judge said that a plan by Nottingham County Council, could go ahead, and then proceed

to dispense away the rights of consent of the parents.

The Judge also stated that due the child's welfare being at risk, such a Court order should be made.

The Court also via the Judge said that contact arrangements amended by the Local Authority was consistent with the child's welfare issues.

After the baby was born, hospital doctors and nurses became anxious that the mother was getting distressed and confused.

After H was born hospital doctors and nurses became worried that the mother appeared distressed and sometimes confused.

Another concern was that the mother was not looking after the baby properly, despite medical staff medical and other advise, and she was sometimes aggressive to medical staff.

The father then put an application in to care for his son. But that meant the child being left for long periods with his mother.

So on the basis of above the Judge granted a full care order, and a future proposed adoption.

The Judge obviously did not consider that the child could of been cared for by his Grandparents under the kincare or special guardianship role.

The Judge possibly thought it was not in the child's best interest to be cared for by Grandparents or other immediate family members..


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