I have been advocating as a Lay Advocate within the Family Court Arena now for many Years.

I have never charged a Service user a penny for Representation they have offered to pay travelling expenses , which is only fair, 

I have acted within the High Court Family Division at the RCJ, for Private Law cases and challenging Adoption placement orders.

I have always given my CV to Judges prior to hearings,and have had audience Lord Justice Munby, then President of the Family Division at the time, i have always been allowed into Court when a Service user is acting as Litigant in Person.

Grandparents who wish to take on a Special Guardianship or Kincare Role, can have a very hard time within the Family Court arena, with becoming a Party in Public Law Care Proceedings, the Parents are entitled to Public Funding Legal Aid, But Grandparents who are slightly over the legal threshold with regards to savings are not entitled to legal aid, thus they would have to dig into their savings to get legal representation with regards to these kind of cases, it could leave them heavy burdened if on the breadline, if it comes to bills, rent, and utility bills, that will have to be paid first, possibly leaving them to no legal Representation, whatsoever, and failing in the first instance to get a Special Guardianship order.

So well and good if they can find a decent Mackenzie Friend with years of experience like members of the PAIN Team.

Also the cases where Hospitals are prepared to pay millions of pounds for legal representation in High Court cases, where they wish to terminate a Child's life support system, as in the cases of Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard.

These Parents were not entitled to any form of legal aid, and had to get Pro Bono Representation, if they fail they have to represent themselves, totally disgraceful.,

The Judiciary are trying to stop the Mackenzie Friend Clause as well, even though there are Family Law Policy's for Mackenzie Friends out there..


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