Ombudsman criticises council for excluding father from child protection process, “unjustifiably” identifying him as person who abuses alcohol

A Father that was denied the right to attend child Protection case conferences and children in need conferences and all decision making by Gloucestershire County Council.

Social Workers stated that the Father was abusing alcohol, which was totally wrong.

The Local Government Ombudsman criticised the Local Authority in this case and the following issues were highlighted.

1, The Local Authority excluded the Father from the child protection process. And did not prepare him for and to attend the initial child protection case conference.

2, The Local Authority failed to share important documents and reports with the father.

3. The Council made wrong assumptions, and unfair perceptions of his ability to parent his 14 year old child, based on a past conviction of drink driving 14 years previously.

4, The Local Authority made a flawed decision that the child was at risk of harm by his father.

The Local Authority failed in their basic duty in this case to involve the father at every stage of the child protection decision making.

`The Local Authority admitted to these failings. 

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