Plans for domestic violence register could save women's lives

In a lot of cases this option would not work in my opinion.

Yes very well thought about, looks fantastic on Paper,but because of lack of Resources, some under financial constraints Cases could fall under the net, failing Service Users and their Children,


I have been to Court with Service Users for them to see a Judge on the same day for the Client to get a NON MOLESTATION Restraining order, and an Occupation Order of their abode, restricting the abusive Partner to go anywhere near their ex partner.

Social Workers should be urging the Parents of Children to go to Court and get these Orders, and assist their Client, but the importance remains the best interest of the Child. which i agree with, but many Parents loose their children into the Care System due to the lack of Resources.

In many parts of the UK, the Police are still failing Domestic violence victims.

in a few of our cases the Police have failed to give the Service user a special Domestic violence officer.

And in many cases it is the Victim that is made to leave the home with their Children and placed into a domestic violence hostel, leaving the abuser to live in the marital home..

Domestic violence victims can go to Court early am, fill in their forms in the Court Office, and see a Judge ex parti the same day, and get the restraining order with the power of arrest as well as putting in for an instant occupation order of the home, resulting in  the Abuser being removed, and children and their other Parent getting to live in the house, with a power of arrest if the abuser goes any where near to the house.

To put in for a non molestation order is free to persons suffering from Domestic violence.

No Legal aid for some Parents with regards to their Private law cases give some Parents no choice to return home to their home and suffer a vicious circle of domestic violence.

In these cases Social Workers will go for an emergency protection order, and the children are removed, and in a lot of cases loose their Children to forced adoption.

If the one something from Domestic violence can be given the help when these things start with regards to Social Workers assisting them and referring them to the likes of Womansaid or Mensaid, this could prevent the removal of the first instance.

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