Press attacks on family courts should be assessed - McFarlane

With reference to one of our cases, a Mother was diagnosed by a Paediatrician and was found in His opinion the Mother Our Service User to be suffering from Fabricated Induced Illness, MSBP, without ever meeting her.

In this case, a Paediatrician put a report into the Judge giving very conflicting medical evidence, he was not adequately qualified to make such  an assumption, the greatest crime of all without ever setting eyes on the Mother..

With regards to this awful injustice Brian Morgan a freelance Journalist took the case to the High Court to name the Paediatrician, in this case the Paediatrician was named.

A mothers reputation has been ruined forever, but at least the DR was named.

In another case of ours, a Mother was working as a Mental Health nurse in a Hospital, there were issues with her child and Social Services, a Child Protection case conference was convened, as i remember the Child was placed on the Child Protection Registered at the time, the Social worker in his opinion made an assumption that the Mother was suffering from Fabricated induced illness, this allegation was added to her then CRB, 

HR, had a meeting with her regarding her future as a Nurse, the last thing i heard was that the Hospital were doing risk assessments on her,,GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT THE ENDING WOULD BE..


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