Expert witnesses willing to be objective and independent and willing to go against social workers

It seems that in my browsing of the internet and this site as well as many others that there is lacking a list of experts that are able to go into court and give testimony against the social workers. It seems that there are very few who are truly willing ot be objective and independent and willing to go against social workers or social services "expertise" I put this in quotes as anyone who has taken the time to check out what they do for their qualifications will know that they are not experts in anything.


What is needed is a list of experts (psychologists, etc) and solicitors/lawyers/barristers who are willing to stand up for the family. That way people know who they can go to for help to make their case in court.


Please name the good people out there and provide contact information (or at least what country they are in and enough information so that one can find them) if possible in any and all fields.

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PAIN have a large list of medical experts that we use, independent Social Workers, Psychologists, Brittle bone specialists ETC.

All persons have to do is contact us, we have a list of Solicitors all over the UK that do not pander to Local Authority, again all the clients have to do is contact the PAIN team.

Perhaps you could clarify what steps people need to take in order to get the assistance.

I do not believe that is possible among the solicitors, lawyers etc who are earning their living through taxpayer money, i doubt if there is any

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