The original organisation was set up by Sue Amphlett in 1985 and disbanded in 2000. Unfortunately this was due to the fact that sources of funding to keep the organisation alive had been withdrawn. However, to keep the hopes alive, Alison Stevens who was part of the original group, was still active in Leicestershire. She was later joined by Chris Smith in Essex and Trevor Jones in Islington, London.

During the period that PAIN was in operation the group had dealt with nearly 13000 cases . Therefore, it seemed a shame that this organisation was to die when there are so many parents and carers who are caught in child care proceedings and do not have anybody to turn to and help with their case.

One has to question the motives of funding withdrawal when clearly 13000 families needed help and support. Is it really just money or is it a huge cover up to hide the truth behind social services and child care proceedings in the UK?

The group is here to campaign, lobby, give advice and support to parents and carers who feel they have been wrongly accused of child abuse, make parents aware of their legal rights, assist them in getting lawyers and help them recover after being pulled through a system which often leaves them feeling abused themselves.

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