I have forwarded a Freedom of Information Request to BARTS NHS TRUST via What do they know website with reference to the amount of money they have spent on Legal Fees for Representation of instigating Court Proceedings against the Parents of Child AB.

They deem via evidence given by Medical Staff  within the Family Division of the High Court that it would not be in the best interest of Child AB to prolong life support on a ventilator, because he is brain dead, and is only being kept alive by the ventilator and other medication given IV, and a feed given via NG tube.

The medics also report that AB is not in any pain and is not aware of what is going on.

And with a severe brain injury there is no chance of any recovery whatsoever. thus the Hospital Trust Application to the High Court to terminate life support of AB..

We have seen over the past 5 years that Hospitals are very happy to spend huge amounts of money to terminate the life support of babies that they insist have no chance of any form of recovery from brain disorders and severe brain injuries thus the need for life support via a ventilator, as well as medication and NG feeds.

The issues for debate on this subject here is a big no i am here to disclose the amount of money that Hospital Trusts are prepared to pay in legal fees to terminate the life support of these Children.

Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool and Great Ormond Street Children hospital in London spent over half a million pounds to terminate the lives of Baby AE and Baby CG.

The Parents involved in these heart breaking Cases are not even allowed Legal Aid to assist with regards to representation within the Family Division of the High Court to fight their Case, in the situation of life and death of their Child.

All Parents highlighted in these Cases have managed to obtain Pro Bono legal representation via a Charity Christian concern based in London.

Child AB mother stated that todays Court hearing was her 15th time in the High Court, in respect of her 12 year old son AB.

The current High Court hearing within the Family Division RCJ was to try and get permission to appeal Lord Justice Haydon Decision that AB should have his life support terminated.

That issue i am not debating here the Rights and Wrongs of the Court Judgment.

The Judge oral Judgement will be made on Monday 24th July 2022 at 11.30am.

This may not be the end of the awful scenario as the Parents could also decide to try and get permission to appeal via the Supreme Court and the ECHR, both scenarios would result in the Hospital Trust having more money out in Legal fees.

With the case of AE and CG costing the Hospital Trusts over half a million Pounds in legal fees i am making a prediction with regards to the Case of AB and the amount of money in legal fees to be paid by BARTS NHS TRUST, over a quarter of a million pounds is my guess?

This is how much Alfie Evans court battle cost the NHS in legal fees


The cost of the Alfie Evans legal battle to the NHS revealed


Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans cases cost NHS half a million in legal fees after lengthy court battles


You can click on the link below where BARTS NHS TRUST state that they do not terminate the life, MY QUESTION is very  clear . How much money has the Trust spent on Legal fees so far in the attempt to terminate the life support of child AB at the Royal London Hospital Whitechapel ?

The Trust reply, i have to clarify what i mean,? THIS IS THE HOSPITAL TRUST actual words, We do not make court applications to "terminate life", therefore, please could you provide clarification on the questions above?


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