Better adult outcomes for children cared for by relatives – new research

It is not rocket science is it?

Children that are placed with an immediate Family member under the Kicare and Special Guardianship clause will have attachment to that Person, if they have seen them on a daily basis post birth.

Even older children will benefit enormously with being placed with an immediate Family member, because they will not have to bare trauma of being placed in Foster care, and will not have to get to know new faces in their lives.

With regards to the new Children Social Care review in England, a young person stated that he had 20 addresses within the London area, defining that he had been through 20 different foster care placements, how can the former be in the best interests of the child?

Even older children placed with an immediate family member under the Kincare or Special Guardianship will have stability in their lives instead of being pushed from pillow to post in Foster Care.

Totally beneficial with regards to teenagers as and when they are going through puberty with reference to hormonal changes, in other words Grandparents that know how their Grandchildren tick.

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