Blog - Race, Religion, Culture and the Children Act 1989

When my Son was in the Care of the LA back in 1986, due to Perceived NAI, unexplained fracture, resulting Him being placed into Foster Care,Religion was a no go.

I requested to the Solicitor that S, should be allowed to go to Church on a regular basis, but this was declined,.

None of the Clergy were not allowed to go into the Foster Carers abode to give him a blessing for the sick.

At this time, the LA, had a mandatory obligation for a Child to follow the Religion that the Family practiced, ant to take part in the Church meetings, but this never happened.

Like everything back in 1986, Parents were not even allowed into any part of Child Protection Case Conferences., which we won as an Organisation, through the Private Members Bill, MP, Parents allowed in at Case Conference act, which PAIN at the time won.

We won our Case luckily, the LA, backed down, My Son was found to be suffering from OI.,Brittle bone disease.

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