Child Q to bring legal proceedings against Met Police and school

Good luck to this poor young Women with regards to her taking Civil Litigation against the Metropolitan Police.

Child Q was at school staff said they could smell cannabis on her body.

The school informed the Metropolitan Police who went into the school and strip searched the young lady.

She was forced to take all her clothes off , including her underwear.

She was menstruating at the time, the Police Officers ordered her to take her sanitary pad off, she was then ordered to separate her own buttocks with her hands, she had to spread her buttock cheeks and was forced by the three police officers to cough.

Child Q Parents had not been informed about the incident, and did not have the opportunity to be with their Daughter.

There was no other person with the child, while the 3 police officers searched her.

The school should of at least had a female teacher to be with her.

The school practice was totally unacceptable by not informing her Parents.

The headteacher at the school should be responsible for the child protection policy within the school and every school should have a designated safeguarding lead, who will provide support to staff to carry out their safeguarding duties and lease with other safeguarding agencies.

The school and the police have failed miserably with regards to their child protection and safeguarding duties with regards to this poor young woman.

The police and school in my opinion are responsible for the sexual assault on this child as well as emotional and psychological abuse.

Abused by the two agencies that were responsible to protect her.

The School as in the Education Department and the Metropolitan police Department have breached the Girls Human Rights act of 1998 article 8.

ARTICLE 8 protects your right four your private life, your family life your home.

.The child had the right to life her life privately without Government interference, she was stripped searched by the orders of the police, her privacy went out of the window in this case, her genital areas would of been seen by the police officers.

The school failed to ensure that the child had somebody with her while she was being strip searched.

So both the police and the school, have breached her privacy.

Article 8 also includes the right of control who sees and touches her body,.

The 3 ;police officers saw every part of her body including her genital area, a major breach of article 8 by the police with reference to article 8 policy, the school are also guilty with regards to not allowing anybody independent to be with the girl at the time of the search.

The policy also states that public authorities cannot leave you undressed in a busy ward, in this case the school, or take a blood sample without the patients permission, i am sure in this case in my opinion the police did not ask the child permission to strip search her.

The act states you have the right to enjoy family relationships, without interference from the Government.

The police and the education department have breached this part of the human rights act because the education department failed in their duty to contact the girls parents, the police have also breached this part of the act by not informing the parents, the parents should of been informed by the police and allowed to be there at the strip search.

Both the education department and police department have breached the girls and her parents human rights, that i have stated above.

The 3 police officers should be removed from their employment forthwith impending inquiry.

Social Services should investigate the 3 police officers family situation, if they have children themselves, via a section 47 child protection investigation, if they can psychologically abuse a child at school with their own sexual devious ways by imposing rules on the girl to show her genital areas, deemed in my opinion as child sexual abuse they should go as far as having their own children removed from them and placed into Local Authority care.

There could possibly be criminal ramifications there as well, and the offending officers should have their conduct placed

on their DBS as well.

The Girl should also get her County Councillor to investigate the case under the clause of Corporate Parent.

The schools Board of Governors should also be put under scrutiny, Ofsted should also be looking into the well as the Director of education being put under scrutiny.

The poor young girl and her parents could now be put under trauma for the rest of their lives.

Article 8: Respect for your private and family life


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