I can feel their hurt and PAIN, the Local Authority should of given them a chance by assessing this young couple in a mother and baby unit, because an individual has a slight learning difficulty, doesn't mean that she is gong to be a poor mother.
Instead this Baby will become another statistic of forced adoption.which is happening every single day in the UK, via the family courts.
With a Parenting course,and other assesments,and regular monitoring by Social Services, this young couple could of proved their capability..
The whole child protection industry in this country is a disgrace, with the so called medical experts labeling Parents with personality disorders, to gratify Local Authority adoption targets.
I have been dealing with a case where a Pediatrician has diagnosed a mother with MSBP,without even seeing her or the children, this individual is not adequately qualified to make such a diagnosis.and can only been made by a psychiatrist..


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