This is a disgrace, under the Public Law Guidelines the LA,are obliged to give the client a list of Solicitors that do no work for the Local Authority, it looks like in this case the Social Worker has given the Lady a childrens panel Solicitor that they know would pander to their wishes,and she has been stitched up.
PAIN have been involved with a team of Solicitors for at least three years, and they have won several cases, but a client questioned the authenticity of this firm, she noticed something on their website that suggested that they supported adoption, i had to get some clarity from the company ,about what the statement meant? because i would not want to jeopardize this Mother case of loosing her 4 children to forced adoption.
I e mailed them,and the adoption issue was resolved,they represent post adoptive parents, who have problems with getting Services for these children like statements for SEN.they clearly stated that they do no work for the LA.
So always check the credibility of the Solicitors before allowing them to represent you.
Thank you Christopher,for once again highlighting the system of the lucrative business of child stealing and forded adoption,and the ethos of child trafficking for financial gain.

Value-Christopher Booker.

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Comment by annette heaney on December 2, 2010 at 9:42
this happend to langleys in york ask the judge to have leave so they take on case csc and droped me 1 day before finding of facts i lost

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