On two occasions relating to my case, which was well over 20 years
ago,and at the time of Cleveland, Police officers on two separate
occasions, came to the house around 7am, and arrested my husband,
handcuffed him, and carted him off, on the grounds that he had
fractured my youngest sons leg, then three years of age.
He was placed in a hellhole for 12 hours, a police station cell, with human excreta which was splashed up the wall.
The heavy handedness of the police that day still traumatize us.
Several complaints were made to the Chief Constable at the time, within two
weeks of us making the complaint, my local MP visited the police
station,and the cells were made fit for human habitation.
In cases of which PAIN advise on, i always tell clients never to admit to
something they have not done, because in some cases the Police will
say, admit to injuring your child,and Social Services will work with
you, to reunite the children, which never happens.
My son was returned 12 weeks later, after the LA backed down, and six months later
was found to be suffering from brittle bone disease.
In my 25 years of campaigning, i have seen and heard Social Workers use heavy handed
and unacceptable tactics in their course of duty.
Value-Police conduct.


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