28 November
Talking about YouTube - Working together, achieving more: a video message from Baroness Delyth M..


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Comment by Alison J Stevens on November 28, 2009 at 21:02
Baroness Morgan, has refused to meet with members of FACT FASO ,and PAIN,,with reference to the injustice of some enhanced CRB disclosures, as i have mentioned in this space, she suggested several months ago that teachers or youth leaders, that had been vindicated from allegations of child abuse, would have the allegations removed from the former.
With this in mind, i decided to write a letter to the Right Honorable Lady,asking for a meeting regarding this topic,and to mention that all individuals that had been wrongly accused of child abuse, should also have such disclosures removed from the CRB documentation.
A letter arrived from her Department stating that all allegations would remain on file, until the persons had retired, but a reference would be added stating that all allegations were unfounded, not good enough, individuals will still not be able to work with Children or young people, even though they may off been acquitted .by the Crown Court,and Social Services,and Police, have decided to take no action.
A violation of civil liberties,and Human Rights, persons are taking this trauma, to an early Grave, as in one of my cases.

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