Domestic abuse victims turning to civil courts because police are failing to enforce law

I have been to Court many times to assist our Service users with reference to getting Non Molestation and Occupation 


Victims can usually go to the Court early am, around 9am, and take police evidence with you.

Court forms can be fetched from the Course Office.

Three lots of paperwork need to be filled in, one for the Court, one for the said Perpetration, and one to be kept by the applicant.

The Judges is given the bundle, and usually you can see a Judge on the same day Exparte.

The Perpetrator is forced out of the property, either that day or via another hearing, adequate evidence, the Judge in most cases would grant a non molestation restraining order to the Victim.

I have noticed with a few of our cases, that the Police fail to protect the Victim. by ignoring the restraining order even when they have a power of arrest on them.

The Victim would need to go back to Court and get a enforcement on any occupation order on the marital home.

There does not seem to be any improvement in many ways. with regards to these serious issues.

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