I had the following e mail from care space.
Hi, i notice you have posted a couple of messages on care space, i need to point out that care space is a forum for Social Workers,and other Social Care profeshionals to share information, with each other, it is not an appropriate forum for outside the profession, to air grievances about Social Workers.
One of my comments was a reply to a Social Worker, that had been accused of abuse by Parents.
The blog stated that PAIN was dealing with a Social Worker, that was newly qualified,and would not be able to practice in her chosen field, because of allegations which are recorded on a enhanced CRB disclosure, she still has care of her child at home.
They printed that blog,and there was another blog from the accused Social Worker saying that her case had been investigated,and she was back at work,she stated it was a very traumatic experiance.
My second blog was, put yourself in a wrongly accused Parents situation, that have experienced, miscarriages of justice,and forced adoption, they obviously felt threatened, how the hell do they think the likes of us feel,and the blog was in no way abusive.

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Comment by Jenni Steinman on September 15, 2009 at 9:24
well said!
Comment by Melizza Moore on September 15, 2009 at 7:51
Well they think they are invincible innit. And now they got there own page. Well if they dnt want ppl to post, why make it extremely public on the net. oH MY HEART BLEEDS FOR THEM .NOT. I find it rather amusing ppl are complaining more readily. More ppl should do it and just maybe these rogues might do the proper work, instead of stealing our kids. On flimsy phrophecies.
Comment by Mick Karabegovic on September 14, 2009 at 23:40
Very well said Alison, don't miss any one of them, I am on the board all the way :)

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