Enfants volés en Grande-Bretagne: le scandale continue.


In Britain, thousands of children, mostly from poor families or middle class, they are removed each year by the authorities and put up for adoption without the consent of their parents. And the law makes it difficult to talk about it. Florence bellone wanted to break the law of silence. This Saturday at 12am in Transversales on the First. Third part of the great survey of Florence Bellone, set wave by Jean-Marc Vierset.

In 2010 and 2011 Transversal released two issues devoted to abuse the system of social protection of children in the UK, which too often lead to forced adoptions.

These reports our correspondent Florence Bellone earned him the prestigious European Lorenzo Natali Prize for Human Rights. They provoked many reactions and many letters.

Despite alarms and launched, not much has changed. Yet even states are worried. And Slovakia Slovak identified 25 cases of children taken from their parents living in Britain and grabbed the Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe.

As a reminder, each year, the British social services, assisted by the police, remove thousands of children in poor families or middle class. Often based on superficial or slight or questionable complaints investigations, these families are considered socially vulnerable or suspected child abuse. Children are placed in foster care before being put up for adoption without parental consent.

The fact that European countries such as the United Kingdom knowingly removes children from their own families and do adopt without the consent of the birth parents remains, despite reports of Florence Bellone, a little-known phenomenon, as affected families do not have the right to discuss their case outside the court family law, much less talk to a reporter, under penalty of imprisonment. The "gagging order" (gagging order) protects the state at the expense of the freedom of the press and freedom of expression. Parents have come to use alternative media to describe their ordeal and especially, find their children ... For two years, they are also likely to confide in Florence Bellone, since the law of silence does not apply to broadcasts outside the UK borders ...

Having received numerous testimonies in families in the first two stories in this third edition, Florence Bellone investigation especially in the heart of the system itself. A difficult investigation because many of the employees of the system refuse to talk, even anonymously. His investigation uncovers downright illegal practices. It also shows the substantial financial benefits generated by the adoption of the private sector system of adoption agencies and providers that host families are the largest property investment companies. Some agencies have extended to all English-speaking countries and the Far East portfolio. Our correspondent also highlights the questionable collaboration psychiatry at this well-oiled system.

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