Family justice needs wider reform, says Lib Dem peer

Yes  completely, one of the most things that need debating is Legal Aid, with reference to Private Law civil Family cases, 

Involving the Rights of Parents to get Legal Aid for representation, with reference to Cases,like the Charlie Gard, Alfie Evans cases, and Isaiah Haastrup cases.

Cases so tragic, which means life or death, for their beloved Children.

Hospitals pay very large amounts of money for their Legal Representation to take these cases to the Family Division of the High Court.

GOSH, have payed over a quarter of a million pounds, in Legal fees to terminate Life Support, and allow the death of Charlie Gard.

Kings College Hospital in London have payed over £21000.00 in legal fees to terminate the life support of Baby Isaiah Haatrup, resulting in his death, after managing to breath on his own for 7.hours after his ventilator was turned off.

I am now waiting to get the same figures from Alderhey Children's Hospital in respect of Alfie Evans.

These tragic Parents have had to represent themselves in Court or get Pro Bono Representation as in the Charlie Gard case.

Woman and Men that have suffered from Domestic violence, and have taken the case to Court to get a Non Molestation Restraining Order and a Occupation Order, have had to pay out large amounts of money of £600.00 , because even though they may not have any savings and are on benefits, the Judiciary are stating that they own half a house so even though they cannot get at the money, they are still required to pay for the Court orders and Court fees.

Many victims of domestic violence are then returning to the home and to stay with their abuser because they do not have the finances to pay for restraining orders.

And due to this Children will be left in a at risk environment, and Social Services are very happy to step in and take Children into care, even better if they are newly born babies for adoption.

All because the Victims do not have enough money to pay the legal fees for non molestation orders and occupation orders.

Yes the victims can get Legal Aid if their children are taken into care.


I had a right job to get the financial statistics from the Hospital with regards to this freedom of information request.

Kings College Hospital in London stated that they had paid no Legal Fees in the first instance, with reference to the Baby Isaiah case.

How could a Hospital not have to pay in any legal fees in the effort to terminate a child's life support machine, the only way they could of got legal representation in this case would be PROBONO, there is no way that this could ever be an option.

i put in for an internal review into the case to get information,a week later they came back with the Trust had paid well over £21000.00 to end the life of baby ISAIAH, who had actually breathed on his own for 7 hours after his life support machine had been turned off, all lawfully by the HIGH COURT OF EUTHANASIA.


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