Family Law Seminar - Using intermediaries in care proceedings to ensure the effective participation of vulnerable clients.

This seminar is a must for all Lay Advocates that assist Parents within the Family Court arena if they act as Litigant in Person.

Mental health is used against Parents in Public Law Care Proceedings, via Guardians and Social Workers to support Local Authority Adoption targets, forced adoption within the UK is a very lucrative business.

Mental illness is used to cite that Parents could harm their children in the future, with regards to emotional abuse even though assessment reports could look to be satisfactory, the former is used to promote Adoption.

In the past there has been many cases of miscarriages of justice where children have been adopted even though children may of been diagnosed with OI brittle bone disease as a reason for unexplained fractures.

But in these cases if an adoption order has been granted the adoption order will not be overturned.

In other cases of mental health being used within the family court arena is when a parents is diagnosed with MSBP, FII.

I have blogged many times where a mother in Coventry was diagnosed with MSBP by a Paediatrician without ever setting sight on the mother.

For one thing the Paediatrician was not adequately qualified to diagnose MSBP, and to put in a report for family court purposes without every meeting that person, is totally unacceptable.

So this seminar will be very useful to determine how the judiciary will deal with parents who are suffering from mental health conditions in the future.

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