Goverment to act in Cornwalls Safeguarding Debacle

I await the Governments involvement in Cornwall's failing Child Protection System with scepticism.

With Cafcass failing by as much as 75 percent in various parts of the Country and the meltdown and backlog of Cases within the Family Court Arena, I cannot see any improvement for the formidable future.

There are at least 30 Local Authority's, that have failed in their on the spot Ofsted inspections, concerns with reference to inadequate, documentation, assessments not done within the allocated timescale and vulnerable children not seen at all.

If Local Authority's are allowed to keep the facts and findings of safeguarding Inquiries under wraps from Public scrutiny, as in Doncaster, very little improvements will be seen.

The Government are failing the Children and Families within the UK, on a large scale and is not at all acceptable.

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