Government launches new mediation scheme to help thousands more families avoid costly legal battles

Government launches new mediation scheme to help thousands more fam...

This is desperately required, to prevent the clog up of the Family Court arena, which will also save Parents thousands of pounds in legal fees because of not needing to go to Court in some cases.

I know a Lady that has spent nearly half a million pounds in legal fees for her divorce and financial remedies and Child arrangements within the Family Court arena.

Better for all concerned if child arrangements can be sorted out by mediation without the need to go to Court.

In cases of domestic violence mediation will not be an option.

In a lot of Family Court cases Parents are forced to have a psychological assessment as a part of the Proceedings.

Keep it out of the Courts then you cannot be labelled with a personality disorder that does in many cases prevent Parents from having contact with their children with regards to Provide Law Proceedings.

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