Governments and courts are turning parenting into an Orwellian nightmare

Parents not being able to get Legal Aid, for Private Law Civil cases where Parents are fighting through the Courts after Hospitals take the cases to Court to terminate life support, on their beloved Children, but they cannot get Legal aid to fight their cases, they have to rely on Probono representation, or go Litigant in person, but these kind of cases can end up to be legally very confusing, as well as that the Parents are going through immense with the end result being the death of their Child.

Domestic violence victims are being let down as they also  cannot obtain Legal Aid to go to Court to get Non Molestation Restraining Orders, or occupation orders,

The case is that they may own half a house with their Perpetrator, but half the house as in the finances cannot be made available, so the victims may be forced to go back to live in their half a house with the Perpetrator , putting themselves and the Children at risk.

The Government are also trying to vote in the Act, where the LA, would not be making payments to Victims if they are forced to stay in a Refuge, as the rent for staying in the Domestic violence is usually paid, after the victim puts an Application in for the Council to pay the rent for Victims staying in the Refuges, result many refuges will be forced to close..

The Governments stance on benefit caps, and Persons loosing their benefits have left Families to loose their rented properties, thus Families are left to live in the street,

Ex Military Soldiers that have put their nick on the line, and have been injured in conflicts come home, to ill to carry on working with HER MAJESTY'S forces, are forced to live on benefits,, they are sent for ESA and pip assessments may loose this benefit, pending appeals, the rent goes into arrears, the loose their homes, and forced to live in the street and freeze to death in the cold weather..

One of our Service Users have payed nearly half a million pounds in legal fees with regards to Their Private Law case, and has now had to give up fighting because they are penniless.


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