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The Charter for Grandchildren was created by the Scottish Government having recognised the need for grandparents to be considered more in children's lives. It needs to be made legal for everyone to acknowledge it.


It is a family friendly charter and gives the rights to children (not the grandparents) to have their grandparents if able too care for them in crisis situations if their parents are not available. This will prevent children being taken into care or suffering forced adoption.


Removing children from their family devastates them and they become bitter, resentful/ unmanageable and destroy their self-esteem and very often they become non-achievers when they grow up. They often turn to gangs for that belongingness that was torn away from then. 


Children need to be treated right and this is not happening today. The social service treat them like commodities as in a business deal Snatching, grooming them by telling them their family dose not want them. Then adopt them or the care system. This is killing families.

  Children who retreated right and not removed from their loved ones have a better chance of growing up as better citizens. upThe care system for children is a breeding ground for crime and delinquency. If a child is not corrupted when they go into care. Odds on they will be when the leave.


The payment for foster cares is designed to buy homes for children and children have no say in it. Dragged off to strangers that could only be interested in the money destroys a child's self esteem.


Social services only care about the physical needs of a child. (the parts that people can see) emotionally/spiritually they become dead. false economy when they cost the public purse 100 times more when they run with gangs and cause havoc.

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