Grandparents Day this Friday 1st October

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Children give your grandparents a big hug as treat on this special day to let them know you love them.

Grandparents look after your children to let you both work, often for nothing or a much reduced rate. We did. They take the kids to school. Sub you when you’re short of cash. Baby-sit at a moments
notice. Willingly take the kids off your hands for a couple of days to
give you a break; Grandparents are the biggest carers of children in
the world.

Governments (social services) and businesses would be starved of workers if they were not available. The children’s homes would be full to the brim if they were unavailable.

They do not get the recognition they deserve from the government or social services. Please help put that right writing to David Cameron Alec Salmond.

-Why God Made-
God looked down on all his children
And decided then and there
That a grandparent was needed
To give special love and care

They’d tell lots of happy stories
Or know special games to play
And with tender hugs and kisses
They’d chase children’s tears away
God thought of all the lovely things
They’d do to make life fun
And so he created grandparents
To be loved by everyone.

Grandparents Apart UK

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G52 1PJ

0141 882 5658


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Comment by Alison J Stevens on September 29, 2010 at 20:15
For those Grandparents that will not see their Grandchildren tomorrow, due the break up of a family relationship, and PAS, also GAS, my heart goes out to you, remember the children will always be a part of your bloodline, nobody can take that away from you, not even social services, or those individuals that use children as a weapon in private law cases.
God bless the work that you do Jimmy, i can understand now what your work means, due to personal circumstances.

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