Lord Justice Thorpe, an appeal court judge and deputy head of family justice, will chair the group convened by the UK regulator to review guidance for paediatricians doing child protection work.

Paediatricians on the expert group include Terence Stephenson, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Rosalyn Proofs, child protection officer for the royal college, and Heather Payne, associate dean of
the Wales deanery who has expressed her view on the subject of unexplained
bruises ".But if I hear that darned coffee table has been up to its tricks
again, giving them multiple bruises in lots of places (what, did they bounce?)
then I’m not going to be very convinced, and my conclusion would be that the
explanation is not a reasonable account of the injuries seen, so this is
likely to be non accidental injury (NAI) [Heather Payne Blog update 30 Nov
2008 Baby P – Paediatricians closing ranks? or government ?]

Dr Ikwueke was the first doctor to raise the alarm over Baby Peter in December 2006 and told paediatricians the boy had 'unexplained' injuries, adding: 'Full alert.' [Mirror.Co.Uk.News 27/10/2009].

When Dr Ikwueke saw Baby Peter on December 11 with bruises covering his shoulder and chest, and a two inch swelling on his forehead, he sent the child to Whittington Hospital in North London where it is virtually certain they
considered the possibility of a Haemorrhageic Disorder.causing the bruises and
the cephalohaematoma and would have performed the appropriate blood tests
which were bound to show, judging from his signs and symptoms:

1. Prothrombin Time Increased

2. Protein Induced by Vitamin K Absence/Abnormality (PIVKA) Increased

3. Alkaline Phosphatase Increased

4. Serum Albumin Reduced.

These minimal tests, will justify Dr Ikwueke's concern and the Hospital must release the results of the blood test if

Justice is to be seen to be done.

From his history and postmortem findings in my opinion Baby Peter was not bashed to death - he died from a natural cause -malabsorption of essential nutrients, particularly Vitamins C and K [1-4] and the Blood Tests
will prove it.

The preoccupation of the Medical Profession with "Child Abuse" rather than "Nutritional Deficit" has been the cause of Miscarriages of Justice throughout the English speaking world for more than half a century

and .will continue if Laboratory evidence is ignored or suppressed.

Michael D. Innis. MBBS; DTM&H; FRCPA; FRCPath



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