'Her death has left a hole nothing can fill' - fundraiser for children of mum who took her own life


The tragedy of the UK Family Courts get even worse.

The Children of this poor Mother will never see their Mother again, she was on the verge of getting one of the children back but unfortunately committed suicide before he former would happen.

We do not really know the details of the case, but i wonder why or if the Kincare or Special Guardianship role was used, by placing the children with an immediate family member such as Grandparents, Aunties or Uncles, or other family member/

At least if the Grandparents have taken over the temporary care option of the children at least there would be with somebody that they know and the attachment theory would lay in the arms of an immediate family member, and would prove to be less traumatic for the children instead of being farmed out to Foster Carers.

i can account quite a few devastating cases where the parents have died while the children were placed in the Care system.

A case that brought tears to my eyes a good few years ago is highlighted below.

A Gentleman called and asked if i could assist him with reference to his case.

His wife had died three years previously to this event she died of cancer.

The poor man suffered from severe disabilities and long-term medical conditions, he had lost his DWP benefits awaiting appeal.

He approached Social Services for help, because he could not afford food to look after his 11 year old Son.

The boy was placed into foster care, the LA refused to give the poor father any financial assistance to help feed and keep the boy with him.

Social Services were very happy to farm the boy out to Foster Carers, who get up to £400 per week for each child fostered, and up to £700 a week per child fostered if working for a private foster care agency.

The tragedy to this story, the father had lost his wife to death, his son to the UK Care system, he had nothing to live for, so he committed suicide.

I am unsure why he did not go to a food bank.

Below are another two cases of forced adoption amid the trauma of the UK Family Court system of devastation.


My sons were taken into care then forcibly adopted – I’ve never felt such desperation


My babies were taken off me – 16 years later, we’ve found each other again


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