Kinship carers' denied thousands of pounds over two-child cap

My advice go directly to Solicitor Nigel Priestley at Ridley and Hall Solicitors.
Nigel specialises in the Kincare Clause and Special Guardianship orders.
And has been very successful with reference to Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles that take on the Caring role, of Children when they may have been removed from their Parents.
Nigel landmark cases have involved Grandparents that may of been struggling financially while taking on the Kincare or Special Guardianship role, and they have in the end been granted the same amount of money that a normal Foster Carer gets.
Local Authority have a mandatory obligation to consider using the kincare clause by placing a Child with an immediate Family Member as Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles before a child is placed into Foster Care.
But a lot of LA do not even consider this clause but would rather use Foster Carers, who can earn up to £500 a week per child,and would not even consider a Grandparent taking on the caring role and pay them the same amount of money as a normal foster carer.
The former would be less distressing for the Child, being placed with a Family Member.
A kincare placement can also breakdown because the Grandparents could be struggling financially to support the Child, and a time where persons may have had their sickness benefits stopped by the DWP.

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