Practice Guidance on Remote Observation of Hearings – New Powers

Under the new Court new powers i managed to sit on the Courts YouTube Channel and watch the hearing within the High Court Case of the Hospital Trust v Archie Batersbee Parents.

Another epic battle where a Hospital Trust decided that they had enough medical evidence to support them in taking the issue to Court where 12 year old AB Parents did not agree that their Childs life support should not be terminated.

Over recent years we have seen how much money Hospital Trusts are prepared to spend on legal representation to support their ambition of terminating life support on seriously ill babies and Children.

The total amount of money paid in legal fees to terminate the lives of Babies Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans was well over a quarter of a million pounds.

I put a Freedom of Information Request into the two Hospital Trusts caring for these babies to get the financial statistics.

Archie was found at home in his bedroom with a ligature round his neck.

He has been on a full life support system since his admission to hospital in May 2022.

A brain Mri scan done on AB in May 2022 revealed that AB was brain dead thus the reason the Trust have taken the issue to Court to terminate life support.

A brain stem test went wrong, so this could not be used as evidence in Court to terminate life support.

The Lady Judge in the Final hearing gave permission for AB life support to be terminated allowing AB to die in dignity.

The Parents put an Application into the High Court at the RCJ to try and get permission to appeal the former Judges decision of termination of life support.

Permission was given, due to the FACT that a Welfare checklist was not done.

The Guardian ad litem involved in the case did not give documented best interest findings regarding AB and his Parents.

And the Guardian did not take the stand in the final hearing.

Thus permission was given for a brand new hearing at the High Court RCJ, in front of Lord Justice Hayden.

we were all there in person and online to see the case law that was breached within the final hearing of AB Parents v Hospital Trust.

Lord Justice Haydon was the Judge that gave Alder Hey Children's hospital in London to terminate baby Alfie Evans life support system.

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