A PAIN Client has had less than 24 hours notice, to prepare for a Family Court hearing tomorrow in Northampton.
My client was e mailed this afternoon, and was informed that the hearing will be at 10am tomorrow.
The Judge knew that i was going to represent the Client, as an advocate, as the Lady has been representing herself.
24 hours notice is unacceptable, for us to get together,and submit a statement,and documentation about the criteria threshold,this is the second time in three months, that PAIN, have had problems, a Mother was told in Cumbria, that if we continued to be involved in the case, the Parents would have their Children adopted, we had to butt out, due to Local Authority blackmail
The judge in tomorrows case, had been forewarned,that i was going to act as an advocate,and i was even named in the paperwork, to participate.
My client will be seeking for an adjournment.
We will take advice from the office of judicial complaints, via this ombudsman.
The case is now in the jurisdiction of the High Court in London.
They are obviously worried about PAINS knowledge, will post more details, after tomorrows hearing, which i cant be there because of 24 hours notice, again more Family Court corruption, my client is very articulate,and will be able to deal with the situation

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