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Grandparents!! Grandparents!! Grandparents!!

The backbone of the world.

Grandparents Day is the 1st of October and ITV1s national television morning programme, Daybreak, is to
celebrate it. Will you give your Grandparents a big hug and treat on that
special day.

Grandparents: Everyone’s got them. Where would 90% of you be without them? The 10% that don’t know them are very much losing out..

Grandparents look after your children to let you both work, often for nothing or a much reduced rate. We did. They take the kids to school. Sub you when you’re short of
cash. Baby-sit at a moments notice. Willingly take the kids off your hands for a
couple of days to give you a break; Grandparents are the biggest carers of
children in the world.

Governments (social services) and businesses would be starved of workers if they were not available. The children’s homes would be full to the brim.

What do Grandparents ask in return?

Value-grandparents apart.

From their family?

The grandparents I know only want to be part of the family and do what’s right for them. They don’t want to take them away and love to know they family is content and happy.

A little Respect and understanding, and just to know the love of their grandchildren is normally what is heard at our meetings. If problems do arise, be honest about it and seek the
help of mediation to sort it out before it gets to bad. Grandparenting is not
unlike parenting but new modern ways need to be talked about and rules and
boundaries set by families to keep things running smoothly.

From the authorities.

Grandparents give of their self so willingly for their family especially their grandchildren. The authorities know this and very much take advantage of it. In a crisis in the
middle of the night what grandparent would refuse to take in their grandchildren
when the social services are on the doorstep with them? If they can’t take them
or refuse for any reason they are told “you will probably never see them again”.

The grandparents look after them for as long as the social services see fit, then they are removed and the grandparents are then ignored because they have no legal rights to their own
grandchildren even if they have had a very close relationship together.
Grandparents and grandchildren are regularly cut off from each other and that is
why the social services are feared by them. The younger the child is they are
viewed as adoption material and very quickly forced adopted. The quicker the
better as far as social services are concerned.



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