Rotherham, Calderdale,and North Yorkshire, have failed with reference to their on the spot inspections by Ofsted.
Rotherham, have failed on a wide range of projects,which fails within their duties to protect vulnerable Children, it was also mentioned that the Local Authority's IT,and data was not up to date,and Staff had difficulties transferring case files onto computer.
Within Calderdale, some case work was not dealt with properly, and investigations involving Social Workers and the Police, working in conjunction with each other, were not carried out effectively.
North Yorkshire,had concerns relating to two Children, that were alleged to have been assaulted by adults, the Local Authority's Guidelines were not used correctly, to safeguard these Children.
Ofsted made two inspections between June and August of this year,and said that there was serious problems, within these 3 areas of the Country, inspectors wrote to all 3 LA, for direct action, to improve their standards.

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