A family court Judge recently stated that the PAIN Organisation was questionable, after one of our Clients forwarded medical documentation which contained a childs x rays, skeletal survey and blood results to a bone specialist outside of the UK.

The Doctor diagnosed vitamin d deficiency in the first of our cases, the second case concluded that the child was suffering from scurvy,both children sustained unexplained fractures.

The expert witnesses brought in by the court. stated all fractures were caused by NAI.

With regards to the first case, the Parents were threatened with contempt of court, for sharing medical documentation with a third person, the overseas doctor, an emergency directions hearing was arranged,after the Parents submitted the new medical evidence via the overseas doctor, the Judge rubbished the overseas doctors findings, as well as PAIN for advocating the parents in another direction,as in considering another possibility that the injury may be due to a medical condition, and not child abuse.

It is my conclusion that the powers to be do not consider any form of Parental advocacy acceptable,in a few cases we have been dealing with the judiciary would not allow PAIN Mackenzie friends into Court, even though the client was representing herself, litigant in person, CORRUPTION RULES. even though there are Mackenzie friend practice guidelines out there, FOR ALL TO SEE.

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Comment by John McConnell on August 31, 2012 at 15:02

maybe if they applied to the courts for an independent expert witness of their choice, prior to the action they may have put the judge in a situation unable to refuse


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