Our Legal Services

We are considered to be amongst the leaders in the field of lawyers dealing with cases of allegations of non-accidental injury in children.

Cases can be extremely harrowing and complex but our expertise and contacts with expert witnesses and other agencies give us a leading edge in offering this highly specialised service.

Child Care work in the Family Court

We specialise in acting for parents or carers in certain circumstances where the Local Authority are seeking a Care Order in relation to a child or children.

Typically the circumstances arise where a child has presented at hospital very ill or in a collapsed state and the treating doctors and medical staff are suspicious that non accidental injury has been caused
by the parent(s) or carer(s). In those circumstances we are instructed
to defend the Local Authority's application for a care order or
adoption order.

Appellate work in the Court of Appeal arising from findings made in the Family Court

If a matter has progressed through the Family Court to final hearing and an adverse finding against the parent(s) or Carer(s) has been made which states that, on the balance of probabilities they did cause harm
to their child, then we are often instructed to appeal that finding.

Serious crime at Crown Court level

We are equipped to deal with heavyweight criminal matters such as murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery etc. We assist people accused of such offences when they are interviewed at the police station and are
then charged and brought to Court. We are sometimes asked to help
following a police interview and charge but before the matter would
come to the Crown Court.

Appellate work in the Court of Criminal Appeal arising from alleged wrongful conviction
Following a conviction at trial a defendant can feel let down or abandoned. We are often requested to apply for leave to appeal by
people in prison who believe they have been the subject of a
miscarriage of justice.

We are pleased to help in cases where we believe there are grounds for appeal or where we are able to submit new evidence to the court
Courts Martial matters

Mr. Bache and Jacqui Cameron were instrumental in making changes to the Army Criminal Legal Aid system when they were asked to give evidence to the Defence Select Committee in relation to the
availability of legal aid. The changes made it possible for service
personnel to receive legal aid at an earlier stage in the investigation
than had previously been the case.

Having had an office in Salisbury for many years means that we have been well placed to assist members of the Armed Forces who have needed legal assistance from time to time. This work involves representing
service personnel at interviews with Service or Civilian Police and at
any resulting Court Martial proceedings.

It is our strong advice that anyone who is about to be interviewed under caution by either Service or Civilian Police should obtain legal advice BEFORE the interview commences. The interview is a crucial stage
of the investigation and having legal advice before it commences can
make things easier during the latter stages.

Mr. Bache has conducted Courts Martial and other related matters at Army Bases all over England and also in Northern Ireland, Germany, Bosnia and Cyprus. He was also involved in the Court Martial at Bulford
Court Martial Centre involving alleged war crimes which ran from
September 2006 to April 2007. The events then before the Court are
currently the subject of a Public Inquiry into the death of an Iraqi
civilian while being detained by the British Army in Iraq.

Magistrates Court and Police Station

Our criminal department can field Duty Solicitor and Police Station representatives to assist clients who need help urgently. Please use our emergency crime lines to obtain immediate advice.

Prison Law

A number of our crime team are able to advise on Prison Law matters which can seem daunting when you feel cut off from being able to obtain independent advice. Any one of the team will take initial instructions
and attempt to get the ball rolling.

Representation at Inquests

Mr. Bache sat as Deputy Coroner for Wiltshire and Swindon for a period of almost 20 years and has extensive experience in relation to Coroner’s Courts. He can advise clients who are vulnerable and grieving
on how to approach a Coroner’s Inquest and can provide representation
if appropriate.Value-Bache team.

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