When an expert witness is a Paediatrician and can make a diagnosis of MSBP, without seeing the Family or Children involved in the Care Proceedings, it just shows how Parents can experience miscarriages of Justice and forced adoption.
This professional is not adequately qualified to make such a diagnosis and if it wasn't for the expertise of our Clients Children Panel Solicitors, these three Children could be in three separate foster homes, siblings separated, all in the best interests of the Children.
The Children are still living at home, under the care of their Parents on a Interim Care Order, awaiting psychological assessments.
In another Case, a Social Worker, had made a suggestion that a fourteen year old Boy was not autistic and his bizarre behaviour was put down, to his single Mothers poor Parenting skills, in other words a Social Worker that thinks she diagnose a psychiatric illness, the foster placement in this case has broken down, due to yes, the Boys challenging behaviour and the Guardian involved in this Family Court case as only ever attended one court hearing, from the start of proceedings until the final judgment.

Article Link: - http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/law/article6851498.ece

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