Too many children are missing out on adoption

Too many children are missing out on adoption

To many children are being forcibly adopted by a system that is often based on hear say,via the conflicting and misleading evidence given within the secrecy of the corrupt family courts.

Silence and secrecy prevail, amid the turrets of power, unqualified evidence taken as gospel, leaving despair and turmoil for decades.

The expert witnesses with their power and glory decisions,amid their fat cat cheque at the end of a day in Court, that is another good day for his or her bank account, result in many cases of gross miscarriages of justice, this time evidence given by a paediatrician, who has deemed a Mother to years of hell, after diagnosing her with MSBP, something that he was not adequately qualified to do.

It doesn't matter these days, the expert was not a Psychiatrist, also the evidence drafted for Court was without ever setting eyes on the Mother.

Parents can be threatened with contempt of Court, if they try and contact their own expert witness, a brittle bone Doctor from abroad, their aim, to try and get some JUSTICE.

An emergency directions hearing was called after the overseas professional had diagnosed the child with a medical condition relating to a vitamin deficiency.

The Judge would have none of it, ONLY TO RUBBISH THE SUPPORT ORGANISATION THAT HAD BEEN RUNNING FOR OVER 26 YEARS, and then stated in so many words that the Dr was to old to give an opinion, in other words ageism and prejudice to somebody that had been giving opinions for many years.

The Parents were threatened with contempt of Court by showing medical reports, and sharing information with a third party, as in the overseas doctor.

In another case, the child was diagnosed with NAI, and in the eyes of the medical experts who had supposed to have been brought in my the Parents Solicitor, result the child was placed with the maternal Grandparents, under Special Guardianship.

The Mother involved in the above case, contacted an overseas Doctor who diagnosed the baby with scurvy, the new medical evidence submitted or mentioned to a new Solicitor who told the Mother that the new evidence could never ever be submitted to Court, because she could also be threatened with contempt of court, her only crime, sharing medical information with a third party to try and get some JUSTICE, WHAT JUSTICE, in a country where a Mother and Father can be threatened with contempt of Court for involving their local MP, regarding their family court hearing.


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