There are already 17000, individuals wrongly registered by the Criminal Records Bureau, stated a recent Daily Telegraph Newspaper report.
PAIN has been campaigning for over a year now with regards to the injustice of some CRB disclosures.
In many Cases of alleged Child Abuse, Parents and Carers have their names vindicated, in some cases the Police and CPS, have no evidence, so cases are dropped, in a minority of cases Social Services decide to take no action.
Several months ago junior Children's Minister Baroness Morgan, suggested that Teachers or Youth Workers, who have had unfounded allegations made against them, such disclosures would be deleted from files.
With the former in mind, I wrote a letter to the Right Honourable Lady, suggesting that the same should pertain to all individuals, who have had their names vindicated of such allegations, I also asked for a meeting with her, so we could discus the Groups concerns.
A letter arrived, with contradicting information, such allegations will remain on file, until that person is of retirement age and a reference attached, to a document stating that all allegations were unfounded.
Such data will still prevent that person ever working with Children or young people, which is a violation of Human Rights and civil Liberties.
Baroness Morgan stated that her diary was too full to see us.
We have recently taken up the cause with John Hemming MP, who stated that the topic could be very long and complex and we would require all the documents, from many cases and could be looked into by Mp`s and their early day motions.
In the meantime I will try and arrange another meeting with Ed Balls, my pleas for a meeting with him last year, regarding other issues, fell on deaf ears.
In the meantime innocent Parents and individuals will take their trauma to an early grave.

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