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Comment by annette heaney on December 2, 2010 at 10:24
my daugther was made to live with her dad after she made sexual aduse perpertrated by her dad she did not want this they removed her from my care after i would not force harriet to go to contact she now is living in mellerstain kelo in the middle off no where with no contact with any of her family we have not seen her for a year now how must she feel she is 9 years old how could this be right ? this man has been in prison for hurting me thats why i left him he made life hell i had court orders to keep us safe he just broke them took overdoses drank sent police to wake us in the night .i am a good mum work hard as a nurse keep a clean warm home with lots of love my grow children and my family can not belive this has happend all becase the soical worker said i was to integent too work with them i now need to file court papers in scotland can any one help me so far it has cost £28.000 money has run out then he ran away so harriet could not seek help

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