Simply the best.

Better than all the rest,

70 glorious years you gave,

Aged 21 years began God save,

Married to Prince Philip the Greek,

A glorious wedding  on a Thursday one day of the week,

20th November 1947was the glorious year. She married her Prince who she said was very dear,

Her hero companion Husband the Man,

She met him in her teenage years, she certainly was a fan.

They went off on their honeymoon and came home in despair,

The Princess Father died while she was there,

Her life would never be the same,

A new life as a Queen her Father wasn’t to blame,

A year later the Archbishop put the Crown onto her head,

She took the vows of office until the day she was dead.

Then came the Children four in a row,

3  Princes and Anne a Daughter to show,

Now a Great Grandmother they couldn’t call her Gran,

It had to be Granny and definitely not Nan.

She loved her horses and corgis too,

She had two birthdays seen by me and you,

15 Prime Ministers the House of Lords as well,

Prince William and Harry a lot to tell,

We are so very glad she made the 70 years this June,

Prince Philip was not there but she knew she would see him very soon,

Our Queen was respected all over the Globe,

As we sit and remember her in the Royal robe,

Now the Commonwealth and the World are all In mourning,

To a Heavenly abode purely gold adoring,

You have always been there we do not know what to do,

A big void in our lives we will always remember you,

Yesterday was the last time you were seen,

Bringing in a new Prime Minister you smiled with a gleam,

A life well lived you didn’t fear.

A life full of service and never a tear,

1992 was a horrible year,

But with positive vibes she was very clear,

I could write forever the rhymes are coming very fast,

Over a year since Prince Philip died we knew that it would not last,

The Population of the U.K. will remember you with pride.

Tears of gratitude we shouldn’t hide,

Dear Heavenly Father a Lady so grand,

Please show her the way and hold her hand,

We will miss you more than words can say,

Weeks years every day.


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