Soon you will be laid to rest,

70 years of service you were the very best,

The piper at 9.15 the Queen would hear,

From her room in the palace or somewhere very near,

The marching of the blues and royals,

Will take her Majesty home from all her toils,

70 years of service with a smile,

Now it is time to rest for a while,

The Country will mourn you we have never known anything else,

You were caring and approachable even though you had so much wealth,

You are highly respected throughout the globe,

Now we are crying as you take the spiritual road,

2.009 persons in the Abbey to say their thanks,

In their mind you were the top of the ranks,

From all the nations they come to pray,

That you are now at peace and you will be with Philip today,

So now I want to say thank you for a job well done,

No bad words to say about you definitely none,

Now we leave you in Gods Holy care,

Memories will never die they are just there to share,

I met you once and Princess Diana five times,

Maybe somebody on here will like my little rhymes?

Now I must go and watch the funeral of the century,

We know you will be there on the verge of Gods special entry,

Soon we will all have to meet our maker.

We know Heavenly Father you will not forsake her,

Wherever we go whatever we do in our hearts we will always remember you. 

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