I met Brendan on a cold winter day,
A Service user introduced us,I didn’t know what to say,
Brendan voice was so chilled, he had lots to declare,
About the unfairness of the system, it was just not fair,
Brendan said that he was happy to take PAIN cases, he said yes with a smile,.
One of the best Solicitors in the U.K.,at the Family Court trial,
The Care Proceedings wins began to grow,
Case Law flowing Brendan face was a glow,
Brendan spoke on my video For the Daily Mail inspirational Women of the year,
A finalist oh what a cheer,
Brendan would open his office at weekends and very late at night.,
Even a Easter Monday Brendan would still be in the office,to get the skeleton arguments just right,
He would talk at Conferences in my opinion Solicitor of the year,
Soon Brendan was to retire I thought oh my goodness Oh Dear,
Fully retired, no Brendan was back for all to see,
I told everybody Brendan was back , no time even for a cup of tea,
Brendan practiced criminal law for many years,
And then a new challenge, Family law and enduring parents trauma through their tears,
What can I say ? inspirational a credit to his profession,
Goodness and humble to stop the Court oppression,
Dedicated approachable and nice until the end .
And to many a hero and to his Colleagues he was thier friend,
What can I say about. a Gentleman so grand,
Assertive in Court Brendan would make a stand,
Never a bad word about anybody echoed from his lips
Position Statement after Position statement, writing all day with his fingertips ,
I heard that Brendan has passed away suddenly and untimely on New Years Eve.,
The shock was so sudden very hard to believe
We sit around all in tears, we have such a lot to grieve,
Somewhere up in the sky. there is a brand new Angel flying by,
Our Heavenly Father knows but we still winder why?
Brendan now on his way to Heavenly Glory,
A life well lived, true not just a Story,
I am sure Brendan will be doing something similar on the Heavenly Plain,
Please let them in they are not to blame.
Brendan your fine legacy will remain forever,
Forgetting you No never.
Our thoughts and Prayers go out to Brendan Family and Friends.and all work Colleagues.
Sincere Condolences.
From Alison Stevens Trevor Jones. Richard Roper Fiona Barry, Florence Bellone,
Parents Against Injustice PAIN.

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