It was with the greatest of sadness that I heard that Children Panel Solicitor Brendan Fleming  passed away suddenly on 31/12/2023 & Colleague informed me last night 03/01/2023.
Brendan was one of a very few Children Panel Solicitors that was dedicated to his Service users& in fact opened his office at weekends and on a Bank Holidays.
On a personal basis I could contact Brendan at any reasonable time of night to ask him if his Team could take on a new Family Law Case pertaining to Children Care Proceedings & other related Family Law Proceedings including Applications to the Family Court with reference to Parebtibg Areangements.
Brendan had won many cases pertaining to Parents who had been accused of non accidental  injury due to unexplained fractures in Babies & Children who were eventually diagnosed with metabolic bone disorders, such as vitamin D deficiency and Osteo Genesis Imperfecta  a form of brittle bone disease.
There are very few Children Panel Solicitors that specialise in cases where Parents are accused of injuring their Children but Brendan team are one of the very few.
Brendan also continued to care deeply about the trauma that his Service Users experienced when having their children wrongly takeen into care by Local Authorities Social Services Departments.
Brendan told me that before he became a Children Panel Solicitor he was a Crimibal Law Solicitor so he would of been aware of the Criminal side of where Parebts are wrongly charged in the ceiminal element of these cases.
Brendan also used to travel from Birmingham to Leicester to take part in Our Parents Against Injustice Team meetings , which involved us also inviting the Solicitors that agreeed to take our cases as in Legal Representation. where often some solicitors couldn’t turn up the TWO Bs were always there.
It will be very hard for parents to get real Justice now that the two best Children Panel Solicitors have died.with Bilk Bache dying very sadly in  2021.
One of the Solicitors Team that Bill worked for stated the following about Bill, one of Bills greatest achievements was showing that just because there is no evidence to the contrary, it doesn’t  mean that a Parent intentionally  inflicted injuries to their child.
In My wasopinion both Brendan and Bill dealt with very troubled Service Users with a huge amount of empathy sensitivity and understanding, and you can tell that Brendan was not just in the profession for the money, you can see Brendan sentiments about this ion the Brendan Fleming Solicitor website.
All the PAIN Team are devastated about Brendan  Fleming untimely death.
Brendan was an Inspiration and a credit to his profession and a real  Gentleman and it will not sink in at the moment that Brendan is not with us anymore , but I am sure Brendan will be looking down on us with his usual smile from above.
You were a legend Brendan to your profession.and your legacy will remain forever.
Memories remain forever, forgetting you NO NEVER.

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