Unfortunately do to Government Austerity and the increase in the general cost of living due to the pandemic,

we have unfortunately had to decide that we can no longer afford to take the cost of traveling to Court as a Mackenzie 

Friend Advocate to assist you out of our own pockets.

In future for all Service Users  to pay us up front for our travel costs.

We will always use the cheapest option to get to Court.

National Express we have found is the cheapest option, for travel to most places in the U.K. now is around £30 for a return journey.

Travel expenses can be paid via our donation buttons at the following websites.

1, www.parentsagainstinjustice.org.uk.


3, parentsagainstinjustice.ning.com.

We will not be charging you for assisting in Court,

Most Family Court cases now are done online via a TEAMS link, we will not charge you for this service.

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