I applaud, BASW, Chief executive Hilton Dawson, with reference to Martin Nareys comments in the Observer Newspaper, about taking more Babies into care at birth, the situation within the Family Courts at the moment is dire, with a waiting list for Guardians in some parts of the Country, is five months, which is leaving Children at risk of abuse, or even death and in the majority of cases, innocent Parents being apart from their Children, for a longer timescale.
Social Services, have enough to do at present, by putting their current cases in order, after Ofsted have failed, at least 21 Local Authority's, on their on the spot inspections, some of these failings were uncompleted assessments and not presented, within the allocated time scale..
Narey should spend his time, helping to raise practice standards within this depleted profession and put some effort into the recruitment and training of these future professionals, by joining these Organizations, and keep his own Department, in order, which is far from perfect.
Alison Stevens - Parents Against Injustice.

Article Link:- http://www.cypnow.co.uk/bulletins/InCare/news/936517/?DCMP=EMC-InCare

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