Florence Bellone Message to everyone, feel free to post on your group if I didn't. Part of you
already knows that saturday 27th november at 11.00am British time, the
RTBF radio based in Bruxelles would air a magazine on UK stolen kids.
I'm quite happy that it's the first one on that subject in that
language. The programme lasts an hour...
with a few question I'll have to answer and my report itself lasts half
an hour. I put the Internet link below for those who can understand a
bit of French. All my interviews (and Mps speeches of course) are in
English, voiced over in French except Ian Josephs and John Hemming who
answered me in my mother tongue. For the interviewed parents, please
don't be surprised that they are little bits of them only as I wanted
to show the biggest possible variety of cases. The remaining material
was more than usefull for my understanding of the situation and will be
for my book and hopefully further coverage. The RTBF let me free to
convince French or French speaking other radios to air the magazine

The main reason of this message is about the end of the magazine where I would read a list of names and places of stolen kids
as kids who should not be adopted. Given those kids are never going to
land in Bruxelles or Paris, I can pick up true cases and give only fake
names, so that British families under gagging order are not endangered.
For the foreign public it's just about emphasizing that I don't speak
about a few mistakes by social services but a huge and constant
traffic. However, families who are out of court danger and wish to take
the occasion for leaving a track of their kids just have to tell me. I
strongly suggest you'd do this with my email : flobellone@ntlworld.com
rather than through Facebook to avoid a mysterious blackout of your
accounts. Mine can also disappear I assume so at least we'll have still
a contact. Ask advise to your lawyers/McKenzie, etc... As an exemple,
it could be : "John and Ann Smith, Liverpool, stolen at age 5 and 6 in
2004, Mike Evens, York, stolen at age 6 months in 2010, etc..."

I'll go to Bruxelles tuesday morning for last work in their studio and the
list will be recorded thursday. I'll see my email again there. I'll
come back in UK friday (thought my husband thinks I should take a long
holiday abroad !) I have no idea of what the impact is really going to
be thought the RTBF will do its best for pre-advertising the dossier.
I'll post updates about this. I am just a bit nervious...


There is a cursor to click on at the right of the screen picture to start hearing in live. Won't be much on facebook this weekend given I'm still
working on my comments. xxx

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