The facts of this case was that this family have gone through months of
hell, by a system that is corrupt and unfair,and cases like this are
filed in the secret draconian family courts world wide on a daily basis.
PAIN have advised on this case, and a company of Solicitors that i am proud
to say brought some kind of Justice to this family,they have shown
great integrity through out the proceedings
The Family should receive some kind of compensation for the trauma caused, which will be
lifelong, but like always the money will be reinvested back into the
It is a pity that the expert witnesses, including one Pediatrician, who made a diagnosis, without even seeing the mother or
children involved, will not be named and shamed, this professional was
not even adequately qualified to make such an assumption, and will be
free to destroy other families unfortunate enough to come across him in
their turn of tribulation, THE FAMILY COURT ARENA.


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