You may recall that back in October 2008 a mother was found by the child
protection authorities in rural New South Wales after being on the run
for nearly five years with her child. The child was immediately take
away from the mother.

The mother went into hiding as she feared the authorities would take her
new born child, just as they did with previous children after being
label with munchausen syndrome by proxy by Meadow many years before.
There was no other allegation against the mother.

This case has now had a successful conclusion in the courts with this
child being progressively returned to the mother over the next six
months with full custody in due course. This is a significant win
against the msbp forces here but it is in a lower magistrates court and
the decision will not be binding on other courts.

I should point out the lawyer in this case was the one who was
successful in/ R v LM/ some year ago. He had a different barrister for
this case.

I have been advised that the agreed psychologist in this case noted that
the first child of this mother should never had been taken from the
mother. The matters against this mother have been going on for 16 years.

And in another case, a senior coroner has not recommended criminal
charges against a mother whose three children died. This mother was
charged with attempted murder of a surviving child but the case was 'no
billed' a couple of years ago - the prosecution tried to use similar
fact evidence but failed. Then the State proceeded to hold an inquest
into the deaths of two of the deceased children - the third obviously
having significant medical problems and not surviving a week after
birth. The coroner found that one of the two children died of natural
causes and the other had an injection by a 'foreign substance'. He did
not name any offender and declined to send the case to the director of
public prosecutions for action. This mother was subject to Meadow's
allegations that she killed her children.pain.

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