For the years 2015-2016, a Child has been on a Section 20 Order for 3,598 days resulting in 9,8575 years, unbelievable that a Child can be on this Order without Care Proceedings being instigated.

For the year 2016-2017, a Child has been on a Section Order for  3,928 days, resulting in 10,7616 years.

For the year 2017-2018 the statistics are 4,293, days resulting in 11,,7616 years.

A section 20 Order is where Children are placed into voluntary care by the Parents, most under duress by the LA.

If they do not agree to sign, the LA, in a lot of cases,will go for an emergency protection order, or instigate Care Proceedings.

This order is noted to be a temporary, and for a short length of time, while Section 47 investigations are taking place, 

And then the Child should be returned to their Parents, or Social Services should instigate Care Proceedings.

Children should not be left on this order, for long periods of time,as much as 11 years in one of these statistics.

At the time of a Parent agreeing for Children to be placed into voluntary care, even out of duress by Social Workers they cannot get Legal Aid.

Legal aid, would be obtained if the Parents when to get the Child out of foster care, and took them home,and Social Services went for an Emergency Protection order, or the LA going to Court to instigate Care Proceedings.

Not sure in these cases if the Parents had any contact with their Children.

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